Cleaning and care of platinum necklaces

Platinum necklace crystal bright, shining in the women’s neck, will be the perfect presentation of women’s neck line, for women to add pure bright style. In the long-term wearing process platinum necklaces will not fade, but it is difficult to avoid the occurrence of wear and tear, so we should pay attention to platinum necklaces in daily life maintenance and cleaning.

I. Maintenance methods for platinum

1. Avoid oil stains: to avoid commonly used hands or other skin to touch the surface of the Pt950 platinum diamond necklace, so as not to necklace stained with oil, it is best to use clean paper or oil-absorbent make-up paper to wipe, you can every half a month or a month will be diamond jewelry immersed in alcohol, and then rinsed with clean water.

2. Avoid bath soap: wear necklace to avoid contact with chemicals, bath, hair wash the best to remove the necklace, so as not to shower gel, shampoo inside the chemical composition of corrosion necklace. Dress up the best first make-up, spray a good perfume and then wear the necklace.

3. Avoid sweat: wear platinum necklace is best not to participate in strenuous exercise, so as to avoid the necklace in the movement of the scramble to be torn or torn deformation of the situation, while sweat stains will also cause corrosion to the necklace.

4. Pay attention to touch: pay attention to check the necklace chain ring, clasp and other places, so as to avoid the necklace to fall off, at the same time, we should pay attention to the necklace when you take down the necklace gently, don’t because the necklace entangled in the hair to hard pull.

5. Careful storage: storage of platinum necklaces should be placed separately, do not place the necklace and other jewelry together, to avoid friction between jewelry, especially platinum necklaces should be avoided with the gold Contact, both friction, gold will be stained with platinum jewelry, and it is difficult to clean.

Second, the platinum necklace cleaning method:

In the beautiful summer, female friends love to use a platinum necklace to show their most beautiful style, necklace wear can set off the perfect temperament, and in daily life only learn Pt950 platinum necklaces cleaning and maintenance methods can make your necklace light forever. Platinum necklaces in addition to the need for careful maintenance, daily life cleaning can better maintain the light of the necklace, the following to understand the Pt950 platinum necklace cleaning methods.

1. Cold water immersion method: use half a cup of household ammonia water, add the same volume of water, platinum diamond necklace immersed in the solution for about 30 minutes, and then gently scrub with a small brush Diamond ring Jewelry around the top and bottom of the inlay metal, and then into the solution gently swing, remove the water with paper to dry, without rinsing.

2. Quick dip method: use a set of necklace cleaning solution washing, this type of jewelry cleaner general jewelry stores have, we can operate according to the guidance instructions. It should be noted that everyone in the cleaning of platinum necklaces must not be carried out in the pool, to be carried out in a container, so as not to necklaces accidentally washed to the drain.

3. Cleaning agent bath method: necklaces can only maintain pure luster with careful care, so cleaning in daily life is very necessary. Everyone in the cleaning of the necklace can be immersed in a small plate of warm water mixed with a mild detergent, and then gently scrub with a small brush, and then put the necklace on the filter with warm water rinse, and finally use a cloth to absorb the water.