YIMEILI is a jewelry supplier integrating manufacturing and trading with a 20000 square meter factory. We can meet any of your jewelry needs from raw materials to finished products with our high quality equipment and strong design team


why choose us

12 years of factory experience
ISO9001 certification
lifetime guarantee
MOQ: 1
3D Free Design
Anti-allergic materials
2 Hour Rapid Response

OEM for

Color of plating
Color of gems


YIMEILI has an excellent and powerful team of designers, including 2 senior designers, 10 3D data designers, 6 rendering engineers and 6 first-edition engineers. With our strong design strength, we will deliver your samples within a week and in the fastest time!
The team of YIMEILI designers won the second prize in the “HRD Belgium International Diamond Jewelry” design competition.

YIMEILI jewelry designers are dedicated to turning your needs into reality. They will turn 2D design sketches into 3D models according to your ideas, get better interaction and visual effects, and quickly initiate editionless pre-sales to ensure maximum design reproduction and save product development costs.


Customized Order Process

Contact Us

tell ideas,pictures, samples, brands, renderings.
According to your requirements, complete the 3D design draft within 1 day.
Received a quote for custom jewelry


Project manager and experienced design team work directly with you.
Provide 3D effects and 3D renderings, unlimited modifications until satisfaction
Provide hand-made samples to confirm with customers

Mass Production

Advanced production line
High quality jewelry manufacturing equipment
Passed ISO9001 quality system certification, with professional quality system guarantee


Exquisite jewelry packaging with reliable standard
Provide logistics solutions to meet customer needs
Meet the requirements of import and export laws and regulations around the world


Advanced Manufacturing Process for Customzied Products

Our Plating is not just a thin

It has no pollution to the environment and is a green environmental protection process; it has no harm to the operator; the electroplating is firm and the sealing is good Strong corrosion resistance.

High Quality Grinding And Polishing

We have polishing machines that meet European standards to polish and polish all aspects of the jewelry to ensure a comfortable fit.

professional CNC machining workshop

YIMEILI has a professional CNC machining workshop, which enables intelligent production through fine CNC cutting of gemstones and metals. Let your work can further enhance the metallic texture and the brilliance of gemstones.

high quality digital laser engraving machine

YIMEILI has high quality digital laser engraving machine, through the laser engraving of your own logo, name, etc., to meet your needs for customization of works in all aspects.