2D design drawings

After receiving your request, our designer will contact you and communicate with you a detailed design plan. Within 48 hours of the finalized proposal, our designer will design a 2D jewelry manuscript and confirm the changes with you

3D Jewelry Painting

After finalizing the product design and dimensional data with you, our designers will present your work in three dimensions on the computer through Rhino, Matrix, JewelCAD, Jewelsmith and other software.

3D jewelry rendering

After the 3D data is created, our team of designers will use professional software to render the 3D data in real life in order to allow you to see the actual production of the manufactured product. Let us have a more intuitive feeling of the product

Yimeili has an excellent and powerful team of designers, including 18 senior designers, 12 3D data designers, 10 rendering engineers and 10 first-edition engineers. With our strong design strength, we will deliver your samples within a week and in the fastest time!

The works of Yimeili’s designer team have been shortlisted for the “Aurora Borealis” international jewelry competition in 2020 and the 2nd prize in the “Yubo Cup” jewelry and jade inlay design competition in 2022.