We are a company which is a mainly production and manufacturing and combination of production and trade,include industry and trade integration business.

We have a team of excellent designers at Yimeili, and we can meet your requirements for OEM/ODM.

  1. OEM&ODM
  2. 12 Years Of Factory Experience
  3. ISO9001 Certification
  4. Lifetime Guarantee
  5. MOQ: 1
  6. 3D Free Design
  7. Anti-Allergic Materials
  8. 2 Hour Rapid Response

Sure, you can buy any quantity from us even 1 piece mix order is also available.

  1. All Yimeili’s raw materials must meet the quality testing requirements and have corresponding certificates
  2. Yimeili’s manufacturing process has a professional quality inspection department for random inspection
  3. Each product of Yimeili is inspected by professional quality inspectors in all aspects before shipping
  4. Yimeili’s after-sales guarantee, after receiving the product, we provide repair and replacement if there is a problem with the quality