How to care for 925 silver?

Three ways to care for silver

1. From the collection of ways, the 925 silver stored in a jewelry box is a more secure way to avoid the dust and external damage. 925 silver is also commonly known as sterling silver, sterling silver hardness is very low, especially this more complex sterling silver necklace, any inappropriate external forces, it is possible to deform it, lose the original sense of modelling, many people will be sterling silver collected into a special jewelry box Save it.

2. From the details, after each wear, there will be a day of dust and sweat, although the naked eye to see is not obvious, but each time before the collection into the jewelry box, with a professional flannel wipe once is also a necessary part of the process, so that a large percentage of the reduction of sterling silver does not have a sense of luster of the possibility.

3. From the maintenance of quality, wear time is long, 925 silver surface gloss is not so bright, clean it, let it restore the gloss and delicate sense. You can use toothbrush dipped in a little toothpaste gently scrub, and then wash with water, and then flannel wipe clean on it, or simply go to a specialized store to wash it can also be.