Wax film process

The wax film process is a very common process for mass production of jewelry, through a mold made of wax, to achieve mass production

Professional CNC Machining Workshop

YIMEILI has a professional CNC machining workshop, which enables intelligent production through fine CNC cutting of gemstones and metals. Let your work can further enhance the metallic texture and the brilliance of gemstones.

High Quality Grinding And Polishing

We have polishing machines that meet European standards to polish and polish all aspects of the jewelry to ensure a comfortable fit.

Our Plating Is Not Just A Thin

It has no pollution to the environment and is a green environmental protection process; it has no harm to the operator; the electroplating is firm and the sealing is good Strong corrosion resistance.

High Quality Digital Laser Engraving Machine

YIMEILI has high quality digital laser engraving machine, through the laser engraving of your own logo, name, etc., to meet your needs for customization of works in all aspects.

Professional inlay technology

A single gemstone or a small cluster of gemstones is often the focal point of a piece of jewelry, drawing the eye of others. The colorfulness, variety of textures and exquisite brilliance are what make gemstones so popular, and Yimeili’s unique, professional setting technique exploits the potential of each gemstone as much as possible, making the product even more dazzling.