How to match jewelry? This with the clumsy

Jewelry with these principles, you really need to understand or you will make a mistake.

The first full body of jewelry, including rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc., it is recommended that not more than three pieces, we are not a jewelry store moving, not running, and do not have to be like a tycoon with the whole body with a full, remember to be just the right point to the end.

Secondly, pay attention to color coordination, recommended sets of jewelry or the same color, or the same style of jewelry.

Third, pay attention to the coordination of the face and body, such as the face of slightly rounded sisters, we must avoid taking round earrings, a large head of pearls, as far as possible, should choose to vertical stretch face lines of the style, the same reason square face is suitable for modeling a little sleek, round, oval and other such styles, the body of petite girls is more suitable for slim K gold chain, or the main stone is more compact design models, if the body is a little big! If the body is a little larger, then you can choose a little larger main stone or a large pearl pendant.

The fourth is not recommended to blindly pursue the new wave style, jewelry expensive depends on how many times you can wear, not suitable for their own new wave style can only be put in a corner to cover dust, it is better to choose a suitable for their own classic models, do not pick the occasions and not pick people at any time and anywhere can wear, basically can be closed to the hand!