The Heart of the Ocean from Titanic, what kind of gemstone is it?

What is familiar to everyone when it comes to jewelry? Diamonds, rubies, sapphires… Many people hear the name Tanzanite for the first time, and even almost can’t remember the name because of the awkward grammar. But if I tell you that it also has another name, you are more familiar with the name “Heart of the Ocean” you do not immediately remember it?

“The Heart of the Ocean was actually based on a rare blue diamond called Hope.

There are only a few blue diamonds of this size in the world; legend has it that this diamond brings bad luck, and these legends have been fulfilled! First in 1909, when May Yohe divorced the Duke of Newcastle and blamed the diamond for the failure of her marriage and acting career. In the June 25th edition of The Times, a Paris-based journalist wrote an article claiming that the diamond had brought bad luck to many of its owners.

In 1920, May persuaded the famous silent film director George Klein to make a feature-length Hope Diamond mystery, casting himself in the main role. The film’s writers concocted a number of stories, such as the death of the discoverer, Tavernier, by a dog (who actually died well in Russia at the age of 84), and the consequent defeat of the Marathas in England, among others.

Maclean also added a number of characters to the story, even including Russian Empress Ekaterina II. These stories, along with the fact that Maclean himself did later suffer an unfortunate accident, have shrouded the diamond in mystery.

Shocking scenes, beautiful love, and finally regrettable but beautiful ending, the movie “Titanic” can be said to be a generation of memories. Looking back on this classic, I believe many people will be very familiar with one thing – the heroine wearing the “heart of the ocean”. The real “heart of the ocean” is a kind of diamond with vivid deep blue, very colorful, large grains of only a few in the world, is a rare treasure.

The “Heart of the Ocean” in the movie “Titanic” was made of Tanzanite. Tanzanite is an emerging gemstone that is recognized around the world. After heating, it has a rich, slightly purple-tinted blue color with a bright luster, making it both noble and elegant.

The play “heart of the ocean”, in fact, is the name of the screenwriter for the plot; shooting Titanic when director James Cameron asked every prop is real, diamonds are no exception, so this deep blue as the sea of tanzanite, became “hope “The double, but also become a real public familiar with the” Heart of the Ocean “body.

First discovered in 1967 in the Arusha region at the foot of the Equatorial Snowy Mountains, this gemstone is also known abroad as tanzanite. Because of its similarity in color to sapphire, tanzanite is easily recognized as a sapphire.

In fact, there is a big difference between the two. Sapphire’s hardness is second only to diamond, at 9. Tanzanite’s hardness is about the same as emerald, at only 6.5 to 7.

In addition, compared with sapphire, tanzanite is more “big”, 1-2 carats of sapphire is already considered large, while tanzanite has more than ten carats. Because of this, it can be cut into a variety of shapes, and the larger size, so made of jewelry is particularly eye-catching, deeply loved by European and American women.