No Spark is the Same

Founded in 2015, Yimeili Jewelry specializes in handcrafted, custom engagement rings, unique wedding bands, one-of-a-kind jewelry and jewelry repurposing in an effort to create jewelry that respects individuality and defines personal expression.

No diamond or gemstone is exactly the same, no relationship or romance is comparable, and every person on the planet is truly unique. We believe the same should be true of jewelry. At Yimeili Jewelry, our slogan “No sparkle is the same” guides us to respect the uniqueness of individuals and capture their unique personalities through custom-designed jewelry. We want to adorn you with jewelry that stands out among the masses. Custom-made jewelry is not only a statement, but it tells a story: your story.

All Yimeili jewelry is made with 100% recycled metals, appealing to those who desire unique jewelry that is also earth-friendly.