Empower Business, Help Growth, Move Forward, Win the Future –YIMEILI Group Building Activity Held Successfully

In order to strengthen the corporate culture construction of YIMEILI, enhance the sense of responsibility and mission of the staff, improve the cohesion of YIMEILI, enhance the unity and cooperation between the team, and better improve the sense of service. YIMEILI organized all the staff to go to Anji Deqing to carry out a team building activity with the theme of “Empower Business, Help Growth, Move Forward, Win the Future Together”.

This activity mainly arranges team frisbee, ice-breaking activities, etc.

All the personnel were divided into groups, and each group chose a captain and vice-captain. After a lot of brainstorming, profound team names and magnificent team slogans were born, such as “Rampage Team”, “Heaviest Team on the Ground”, “Fair Future Team” and so on. Interesting team names came out. According to the team names, everyone started to design the team flags and team shapes, and each team was ready to go, with flags flying and horns sounding.

The activity scene was both passionate and warm and harmonious, the staff gave full play to the spirit of teamwork, cooperate, help、encouraged each other, and gave full play to the passion of youth, and accomplished one activity task after another. The activity not only enhanced the cohesion among the staff of Shanghai Company, but also cultivated the tacit understanding between each other, promoted the sense of cooperation and practiced the team spirit.

In the morning of the second day, all the staff drove to Nanshan Botanical Garden. In recent years, Nanshan has concentrated on the development of green economy, transformed natural resources into economic resources, and environmental advantages into economic advantages, and composed the beautiful hymn of “green mountains are golden mountains” with practical actions. In this regard, the staff of YIMEILI Company had a more intuitive and deeper understanding of the theory of green environmental protection, and personally realized the significance of the construction of ecological civilization for the development of social economy.